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Structure analysis of plate cooler

Release date:2020-06-15 16:59:56

The plate cooler has the advantages of simple structure, solid structure, simple manufacture, wide application of materials and strong treatment ability. It will appear iron oxide scale after long-term use. What is the effect of iron oxide scale on condenser?

The reason of iron oxide scale is that the condenser is sometimes empty or filled with water after shutdown, plus the corrosion of condensate after heat transfer of shell side oil at 30-40 ℃, which forms the existence of rust layer and accelerates its corrosion rate. This kind of direct chemical reaction between chemical medium and metal causes many iron oxide scales to occur and causes equipment damage, which is very common in heat exchanger.

Because of the serious corrosion in the pipe, the occurrence of iron oxide scale leads to the decrease of heat exchange, which can not meet the normal operation requirements of the oil processing production line. The falling off of iron oxide scale blocks the inner diameter of the pipe and reduces the heat exchange area of the equipment. If the protection is not strengthened and anti-corrosion measures are taken, the service life of the condenser will be greatly shortened. If it is serious, the whole equipment may be invalidated in a short time, resulting in the loss that should not be lost.

The above is about the reason and influence of iron oxide scale in plate cooler. We believe that we can understand the harm of iron oxide scale to the equipment through the sharing of small editors, and clean the equipment regularly, so as to protect and maintain the equipment and reduce the cost loss.

How is the heat of condensation water discharged from plate cooler?

The effect of the heat released by the condensation water of the plate cooler on the condenser; the condensation water in the shell side of each effect of the transpiration equipment is generally discharged from the condenser together with the condensation water in the shell side of the condenser, because the temperature of the condensation water in the shell side of the effect body is higher than that in the shell side of the plate cooler, and the true air is high. When the condensation water enters the shell side of the condenser, the condensation water will release the corresponding heat due to the self transpiration 。

Steam is used in shell side and material is used in tube side of each effect body. The non condensable gas is usually extracted from the non condensable gas interface together with a corresponding amount of heating steam. This is because in theory, according to heat balance calculation in heating process, there is no surplus of heating steam in shell side of each effect body. In fact, each effect body can also be used as a plate cooler to heat the steam, because there is no surplus in the accounting process In addition, heat loss should be considered. The temperature of the plate cooler material before entering the transpiration equipment is relatively low, and it needs to be preheated step by step to reach the temperature of boiling point or above.